A Glimpse into the Past

For me, it all started with food.

After a health awakening in 2012, my passion for truth and conscious living overflowed into my career. I was discouraged by the common practices found in many of the most trusted companies in our consumerist society, so I took a new direction in furthering my own knowledge in the food and then cosmetic industries.Β I started questioning everything at this point.

After losing weight and rebooting to a new vibrant and healthy lifestyle, my findings also encouraged me to start experimenting with making my own personal care and household products. My journey to living a more sustainable, non-toxic life began.

In the beginning of 2016, my very successful career as a Master Cosmetologist in the Chicago burbs shifted nearly overnight, and I decided to leap at the opportunity to move to Colorado about 2 weeks later. It was all absolute divine timing when I stepped back to see it all unfolding before me; I allowed the destruction of an old path to make room for the more soul-aligned new one.

I worked at my first organic and sustainable-minded salon in Denver, CO for only 9 months before taking another big soul-aligned leap to opening my own shop, Sustain the Mane, by November of 2016. Around that same exact time I manifested a 21′ travel trailer to live in on a beautiful, small goat farm at 8,600ft in the mountains. These were by far some of the greatest decisions I’d ever made!!

“Living tiny” for 3.5 years in a 21′ travel trailer in and near the Rocky Mountains for most of it taught me quite a lot about living minimally, intentionally, and more self-sufficiently. Self discovery and the path to healing naturally followed the more I leaned in. My life in the mountains was full of endless backcountry wilderness adventures and breathtaking 14,000 ft+ peak views. This still inspires me to this day to bring more and more of these experiences and self-sufficiency skills into my holistic business that is about MUCH more than just hair & beauty;

It’s about healthfully nourishing and healing our mind, body and spirit in a sustainable way that helps to balance our relationship with Mother Nature on this planet.

The toxic modern salon industry is fired!

  • The harmful chemical exposure
  • the excessive, toxic and disastrous waste
  • the “band-aid” products
  • the incentives for quantity over quality
  • and the incentives for more money & benefits over the priority of your own sustainable health & well-being

This is NOT sustainable! I knew there was a better way.And here we are today! πŸ™‚

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