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DIY Simple Facial Toner

If you’ve heard of the terms “toner” or “astringent”  you may be wondering, What is the difference?

Toners are typically . . .

The U.S. Legalizes Poison

Let’s face it; Now-a-days it is easy to get sucked right into our highly consuming, wasteful, and unhealthy ways of society. We are now purchasing most all of our

Hydrogen Peroxide for Health?

  Have you heard the hype about hydrogen peroxide for health and beauty care? Maybe it’s been sitting under your sink for quite some time and you’ve forgotten about it perhaps? Well it’s definitely possible that you may get really excited to learn about… Continue Reading “Hydrogen Peroxide for Health?”


As time goes on, the cosmetic industry continues to grow towards the “hottest” and latest trends, but seems to be forgetting one very important thing: Are these cosmetics even safe?? In terms of safe cosmetics, we are referring to the external appearance of our skin… Continue Reading “Non-toxic”