A Glimpse into the Past

For Katie, it all started with food.

“After a health awakening in 2012, my passion for truth and conscious living overflowed into my career. I was discouraged by the common practices found in many of the most trusted companies in our consumerist society, so I took a new direction in furthering my own knowledge in the food and cosmetic industries. After losing weight and rebooting to a new vibrant and healthy lifestyle, my findings also encouraged me to develop my own personal care and household products. I am continuing to perfect my craft for future sale of these homemade cosmetics and items in my salon.” (Read the rest of my short interview here , showcasing the opening of my very first independent salon in Colorado, Sustain the Mane.)

Sustain the Mane Salon

Sustain the Mane Salon emerged west of Denver, Colorado in 2016 to demonstrate the more mindful and sustainable beauty and wellness practices that we have been so desperately needing in this industry.

The salon focuses on safer, cleaner organic-based hair color, conscious cuts, dreadlocking services, and the purest non-toxic makeup. We compost, responsibly reuse and recycle to be a minimal waste business, as well as provide safer products that contain certified organic and eco-friendly ingredients. Our orders also come in recyclable packaging and biodegradable packing peanuts!

We are always happy to show you how to dissect ingredient lists, read through marketing b.s., and even make healthy beauty care recipes yourself(DIY)!

Book Now

Location Home Base: Saint Charles, IL Phone (720) 317-7153 E-mail sustainthemane@gmail.com Hours Mon: 10-8p Tues: Closed Wed: Closed Thurs: 10-8p Fri: Closed Sat & Sun: By request only
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