A Glimpse into the Past

For me, it all started with food.

Yes, food. “After a health awakening in 2012, my passion for truth and conscious living overflowed into my career. I was discouraged by the common practices found in many of the most trusted companies in our consumerist society, so I took a new direction in furthering my own knowledge in the food and cosmetic industries. After losing weight and rebooting to a new vibrant and healthy lifestyle, my findings also encouraged me to develop my own personal care and household products. I am continuing to perfect my craft for future sale of these homemade cosmetics and items in my salon.” (Read the rest of my short interview here , showcasing the opening of my very first independent salon in Colorado, Sustain the Mane.)


Sustain the Mane & Earth Inspired Coaching


With the collaboration of my partner, Health Coach and Explorer, Matthew Zastrow, together we set out to break the “new-age” toxic beauty and health routines by bringing back the tradition of simplicity through the safest nature-based products, primal exploration encouragement, and intentional living guidance.

Sustain the Mane Salon emerged in the West Denver area in 2016 to demonstrate mindful and sustainable practices that are hoped to be brought home by all guests: composting, re-using, and recycling to be a minimal waste business, as well as providing products that contain certified organic and eco-friendly ingredients. The salon also utilizes the health coaching practices from Earth Inspired Coaching for those wanting more one-on-one guidance through their health and wellness journey.

From the Salon and Health Center, this site was born to continue to give green followers specific DIY tutorials, recipes, and motivation to carry out healthy and sustainable ways at home.

Our Sustainable Ethics:

heart-icon-2316451_640 Love & Respect Mother Earth   heart-icon-2316451_640 Support Local Community
 heart-icon-2316451_640 Love & Respect Yourself             heart-icon-2316451_640 Shop Consciously
 heart-icon-2316451_640 Provide for Yourself                    heart-icon-2316451_640 Unite with Others


Life at Work = Life at Home


By living unconventionally in a “tiny house” on a small farm in the Front Range mountains of Colorado, things really get put into perspective. I couldn’t be happier enjoying my eclectic life with goats, chickens, and cats while being surrounded by the beauty of nature and other wildlife.

Matt and I stay extremely tuned in to our water and power usage, maintain fewer material possessions, and of course compost, re-use, and recycle nearly everything. Growing food, making food, helping care for the animals, hiking, climbing, and further exploring near and far are top priorities for the both of us.

I wouldn’t trade our crazy adventurous lifestyle that’s headed towards full sustainability for the world! I just want to show others how possible and powerful it is to cut back and make a difference!

I hope you thoroughly enjoy learning from our experiences and will take something new away from the knowledge we have to share!




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